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Ford Focus / C Max Cluster Repairs

We repair Ford Focus / C Max instrument clusters.

You can post them into us, or if you are within our 30 mile radius we can come to you, and repair on site.

We are a local family run business, not a huge online repair company who can take days to return the clusters and overcharge. Usually we have them ready next day for a fixed quote repair and if you are in or local to St Neots Cambs, we offer FREE collection and return.

The turn around time for postal service is 48hours.

This is a very common issue and can be shown by some faults or all listed below

Common Failure symptoms:

  • Loss of all instrument cluster functions and lights

  • Speedometer, temperature and rev counter drops to zero

  • Engine cuts out while driving

  • Non start

  • Immobiliser light flashes

  • Mileage shows dashes

  • Erratic gauges

  • Pixilated screen


Common fault codes:

  • P1260 - Theft Detected

  • U0121 - Lost Comms With ABS

  • U0140 - Lost Comms With Body Control

  • U0001 - High Speed CAN Communication BUS

  • U1900 - CAN BUS Fault

  • U2012 - CAN Communication Error

  • P0500 - Vehicle Speed Sensor Intermittent

  • U0001 - High Speed CAN Communication BUS Intermittent

  • P1260 - Theft Detected Vehicle Immobilised Intermittent

  • U0155 - CAN Data From Hybrid Electronic Cluster Module Not Received By TCM Permanent

  • U0001 - High Speed CAN Communication BUS Intermittent

  • U0101 - Lost Communication With TCM Permanent

  • P0106 - Manifold Absolute Pressure /Baro Sensor Range Performance Intermittent

  • P0108 - Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Circuit High Input

  • P1000 - OBD II Cycle Not Completed

  • U1900 - CAN Communication BUS Fault - Receive Error Intermittent

  • U2510 - CAN Invalid Data For Vehicle Security Intermittent

  • U2197 - Invalid Vehicle Speed Data Intermittent

  • U2200 - Invalid ODO Count Data Intermittent

  • U0155 - Engine ECU Lost Communication With Instrument Cluster


Affected Vehicles:

  • Ford Focus 1998- 2011 (all variants)

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Price - Please call or email for quote
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