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All Keys Lost

We always advise customers to get a spare key if you only have 1 for your vehicle.

However if the worst happens and you lost your last and only key dont panic.

Here is how the process works

- Call Autolockxpress with your REG, Location + Details to obtain your quote

-On All Keys lost we require to see V5 document or sufficient identification

-We take a non refundable deposit on all keys lost jobs

-The technician will visit you at the car, explain the process and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

We will decode your door lock, open the car damage free, create your new car key and program it to the car all in one visit - remember if you go to your main dealer, they will need to order the key in taking up to 1 month in some cases, then you will have to have your car recovered to them for programming.


We offer great discounts on a second key whilst we are there so please ask.

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