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ECU Services

We also offer a range of services for ECU units, please note, we DO NOT offer diagnostics on ECU units, you must already know your ECU is the fault on the vehicle

- ECU Cloning

1. Send us a photo of the label on the ECU

2. We will quote you to provide a replacement including cloning of the software from your damaged ECU

3. Drop off / or post your damaged unit into us

4. Receive back a replacement unit, fully working and plug and play into your vehicle, all within 72hours

This is where you can send us your ECU from your car, should it be damaged by water, overheating, or general failure of the unit. We can then open the ECU, clone the data onto a replacement unit, and return the replacement unit to you for a "plug and play" installation.


Generall this takes 24-72hours. You can drop off and collect your ECU from our office based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire. Another option is to post your ECU to us, and we will post back your ECU, and the replacement ECU, cloned ready to plug and play onto the vehicle.


(Corsa 1.3 Diesel, and BMW E90 suffer majorly from water damage, we do many of these units per week, we are experts on these ECU's)


We don't reccomend immo off on your vehicle as generally it is more expensive than a new set of keys, BUT in some cases such as a track day car, or the immo system is so damaged this is the only way, we can provide immo off services if you send us in your ECU. We carry out the works on the ECU and post it back to you for "plug and play" installation

-REMAPPING (performance or economy)

We can remap your cars ECU for more power, or ecomony.
We offer various stage remaps for all different scenarious,
You can post us your ECU, we then complete the works and post it back for "plug and play" installation

-REMOVING or installing speed limiters

If you have purchased a van with a limiter, we can remove this for you. Simply post us the ECU and we will carry out the works to remove the limiter and send the ECU back to you for "plug and play" installation

We Also Clone Renault UCH Modules, Repair BMW FRM Modules, and much more!


You must already have had your ECU confirmed as faulty before paying for this service

Most of our ECU work requires you to send in your ECU to us for safety of works on the bench

However, some work can be done at the vehicle where the ECU does not need to be disconected, You need to be in our mobile service area to have the mobile service also.

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